Oprah Winfrey On The Law Of Attraction

Oprah Winfrey speaks on the powerful secret. That is, the Law Of Attraction

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Law of attraction and Consciousness

Law Of Attraction And Consciousness
[Created from Proteus Michael Kemo channeling seminar]

“Life is an orchestration and is happening in perfect harmony. No matter what you see and do, you can empower yourself, via the law of attraction, to extract the most positive experience for yourself from what you observe.”   

-Proteus Michael Kemo

What is Consciousness? Consciousness is everything. Everything Is.

Consciousness creates reality with intention and the law of attraction. Continue reading

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Money and the Law Of Attraction

If you don’t like  me, Proteus Michael Kemo, will give you back your money!

Money And The Law Of Attraction by Ester Hicks is an amazing book, by an amazing person (or an amazing collective). This book changed my life. Period.  It’s opened my eyes to a rich, vibrant new world and taught me how to create a productive, loving, abundant and fulfilling life. Continue reading

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The Higher Self And The Genesis Keys

Spirit is happiest outside of time and space.  Jesus Christ remained ‘in-spirit’ at all times and brought this awareness into physical reality.

There is no “before” and “after” outside of the 3-D Dimension (Physical Reality)

As time progresses, the light of the Earth is getting brighter, whilst the dark is getting darker. Continue reading

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David Icke On The Law Of Attraction

David Icke speaks about the most powerful law in the Universe, The Law Of Attraction. Icke has been known for his controversial views on a number of topics. Wheather or not one chooses to believe in any of them is up to the personal discernment of each person. However, one universal truth that he explains so eloquently is here, in this viceo. It’s David Icke on the Law Of Attraction. Continue reading

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Think And Grow Rich Secrets

Thanks to the wonderful, supportive and deliciously loving nature of the Universe there have been many books on the law of attraction.   How sweet it is that there are so many beautiful ways to think and grow rich in the form of law of attraction books and law of attraction audio.

Some of the best instruction comes by way of law of attraction audio. The latest one that I’ve come across is where you can download it, here.  It’s called the “Think Rich Secrets” law of attraction audio series. It’s quite a combination of powerful processes. Continue reading

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Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics

Law of attraction and Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity explained this powerful truth with the equation. E = mc2

This is a period of Meta-Consciousness.

Also thought of multisensory awareness this is an age of seeing beyond the 5 physical senses. Continue reading

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Law of attraction And The Power Of Illusion

“God’s greatest gift to mankind: The Law Of Attraction.

This is the ability to create what we lovingly hold dear and truly believe in our hearts         — Proteus Michael Kemo

There are many principles related to what has been termed ‘The Law of Attraction’.  The law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws of the universe.  Among the many interpretations of this premise is “you get what you put out”.   We are speaking of terms of energy.  If you put out good energy, you’ll get back and experience good energy.  It is for this reason that Jesus Christ, who taught the law of attraction urged man to treat others as they wish to be treated. Continue reading

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How to Get A Free Car (and how NOT to drive)

We found this site earlier, and thought it was HILARIOUS.

The guy in the video should NOT be driving a CAB!

Click to see the not so smart Free Car Solution

Enjoy…and pic your cabbies wisely! 😉

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How To Get A Free Car (And How Not To Drive)

I found this hilarious site earlier today. Made me laugh.

This guy cannot drive.



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Jack Canfield On The Law Of Attraction and Taking Action

An excellent video by the great teacher Jack Canfield on the Law Of Attraction and taking action!

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The Way of Love Blog


Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



Ascended Master Jesus incarnated to show Earth humans the Way to “do the works that I do and, in fact, … do greater works than these.” [ii]

This is the Way of Divine Love.  We are of One Consciousness with Mother/Father God and all of our brothers and sisters throughout the cosmos.  However some of us forgot the Way.  Therefore, advanced Souls come to Earth to show us the Way back home to a world of Unconditional Love.  Because we live within the Consciousness of One, some brothers and sisters living in forgetfulness brings sorrow to those living in Love.

For this reason and this reason only, Jesus incarnated on Earth to awaken us to who we truly are—his sisters and brothers.  He lived out an example of who we are, what we can do…

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Méline Lafont: Message from the Pleiadians

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