Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics

Law of attraction and Quantum Physics tells us that everything is energy.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity explained this powerful truth with the equation. E = mc2

This is a period of Meta-Consciousness.

Also thought of multisensory awareness this is an age of seeing beyond the 5 physical senses.

This form of expanded awareness includes, ESP, Remote Reviewing and guidance from All That Is.   

Law of attraction and quantum physics shows the power of intent and observation. When people play/focus/intend on something, (like the weather, for example) change can be accomplished.

We are vibrating frequencies of light waves. We are energy.

How to effect the Universe? The Law Of Attraction Quantum physics shows that  the answers lies simply where you put your consciousness.

This is the powerful nature of the law of attraction and quantum physics.

Parallel Universes and other dimensions are here and now. We are bigger and more expansive Beings than you thought. We are all Energy.

When one understands how we are all energy, the term ‘aging’ becomes a nonsensical term.

Consciousness is completely involved in creating our experiences as a whole. Different levels are consciousness are always available. Some we can see, others we can’t. Just like radio waves, in order to pick up a particular vibration of consciousness, one must tune in.

People get ‘stuck’ in different dimensions by repeated thinking.
Your beliefs create your reality.

We are all having different movies.
We are here on Earth to have fun.

We, innately, are playful creatures with the ability to affirm our truths.

Some empowering truths are:
“In my Universe, people are happy.”
“I have a strong belief that my positive energy can bring others up”

We can go anywhere in time we want, because all time is now.

One changes the past, just as he creates the presents and affects the future.

Every time you have a thought or make a choice, you are shifting parallel realities.

Our thoughts and beliefs lead us into (and out of) parallel realities!

Quantum Physics tells us that there are infinite Planet Earths and infinite universes that exist. Quantum physics explain that we move from one parallel reality to another every fraction of a second!

“A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so (therefore) he escapes the suffering”
What we imagine and feel to be true is what will be our lives.


About Proteus Michael Kemo

Spiritual Ninja Kemo (Proteus Michael Kemo) was born with the gift of seeing. Ever since the young age of 4, Michael Kemo recognized his ability to perceive energies from other dimensions that share our world of time and space here on Earth. It is the intent of Michael Kemo to empower others in the discovery of their own unique gifts and talents. This is being done by sharing teachings on one of the most powerful truths of the universe, the law of attraction. The Holy Bible, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, covers the law of attraction and other aspects of reality reality that can bring all of humanity closer together. It is through teachings like this that brings us all closer to God. Source.
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