The Higher Self And The Genesis Keys

Spirit is happiest outside of time and space.  Jesus Christ remained ‘in-spirit’ at all times and brought this awareness into physical reality.

There is no “before” and “after” outside of the 3-D Dimension (Physical Reality)

As time progresses, the light of the Earth is getting brighter, whilst the dark is getting darker.

Raise your vibration and expand your consciousness with ‘The Genesis Keys’, by my friends LD Porter and Michael Smith PhD.

Everything operates at a frequency. Where will your focus your consciousness?

There is a stream of consciousness where all is available beyond time. This stream of consciousness is on the frequency of love. The

We can read others, regardless of time, distance/space and entrains others to a higher frequency.

Telepathic/telempathic communication is tapping into this stream of consciousness.  The Genesis Keys  consists of 4 audio seminars, 4 e-books and a live psychic development class that allows for the opening of telepathic communication and other multisensory talents.  Innate gifts from within.

The past exists only insofar as you hold on to scenes from a memory. ‘Traumatic’ events, etc. could trip up people.

We are able to change things. This will open up corridors to better probable positive futures.

The best place to be is always the present.

We are able to merge with other’s consciousness – hang out in future memory.

An example of living in the present with a releasing of the past – allowing it to have no power OVER in the NOW REALITY is displayed in the following case:
A man who was in prison, now moves on – he moves forward and creates a great life for himself. Now, locked into his higher vibration of cooperative components, he can hardly, if ever, talk about ‘the past’.

The Universe is so imaginative.

God is so creative

Stay Present

We have the ability to have our Higher Selves communicate with other Higher Selves. This opens up for the best possible interaction between souls.

Higher Self = God Connection

Higher self communication. First, go to the Higher self, before communicating with the Higher selves of others so that there is not an imposing of free will.

When interacting, note: The Universe loves metaphors. Note comments and responses that may be ‘out of turn’. Unique. These are messages from the Universe. Angelic assistance.

Sometimes, people get stuck in vibrations of others and/or mass consciousness. It is always wise to b e aware of vibrations and frequency so that one does not get locked into the magnetic field of others.

Always look for like frequencies. For instance, when at a party,, or a social gathering, always look for those like vibrations which are pleasing to be around.

There’s always a stream of consciousness that connects us all. This is love & Source. This is All That Is. This is God!

Everyone participates in telepathy  This is shown when one can notice people picking up things from others’ energy field, and vice versa.

For example, have you ever used the term “Oh, I was just thinking of that!”

Or, “You took the words right out of my mouth”

This is shows the connection of everyone to everything.

Opening the heart is the frequency to opening up, and tuning into higher frequencies.

Deja Vu shows when our spirit gets there “before” our 3-D self gets there.

Hands on healing/Miracles occurs when one has NO PERCEPTION of separating between the Self and the Higher Self/power.

When connected to Higher Self, there is
-No fear
-High appreciation.

“When one is aligned with the Higher Self

He is reminded that all is, and forever will be, divinely well. ”                                             – Proteus Michael Kemo


About Proteus Michael Kemo

Spiritual Ninja Kemo (Proteus Michael Kemo) was born with the gift of seeing. Ever since the young age of 4, Michael Kemo recognized his ability to perceive energies from other dimensions that share our world of time and space here on Earth. It is the intent of Michael Kemo to empower others in the discovery of their own unique gifts and talents. This is being done by sharing teachings on one of the most powerful truths of the universe, the law of attraction. The Holy Bible, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, covers the law of attraction and other aspects of reality reality that can bring all of humanity closer together. It is through teachings like this that brings us all closer to God. Source.
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One Response to The Higher Self And The Genesis Keys

  1. Dean Douglas says:

    What a loving and empowering post, Proteus Michael Kemo. I checked out the Genesis Keys. Really good. Real powerful stuff. Thank you PMK.

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