“Time is only a marker”

Angelic Guides

Today we would like to focus your attention on the illusion of time in your reality.  Many of you have lived your whole lives allowing “time” to dictate your every day.  But know that time is manmade, it isn’t “real” it is an illusion.  Many of you are experiencing time warps as the illusion continues to dissolve.  You will notice that there are times where you experience a rapid passing of” time”; you often wonder where all the “time went”.  There are other times where it may feel as though “time” has literally stopped.  This will continue to be more evident as you continue to increase your vibrations.

It is a common belief that you only have so much time in a day, or that you are allotted only so much time on Earth, or that all good things come to those who wait.  You entire lives revolve around the…

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About Proteus Michael Kemo

Spiritual Ninja Kemo (Proteus Michael Kemo) was born with the gift of seeing. Ever since the young age of 4, Michael Kemo recognized his ability to perceive energies from other dimensions that share our world of time and space here on Earth. It is the intent of Michael Kemo to empower others in the discovery of their own unique gifts and talents. This is being done by sharing teachings on one of the most powerful truths of the universe, the law of attraction. The Holy Bible, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, covers the law of attraction and other aspects of reality reality that can bring all of humanity closer together. It is through teachings like this that brings us all closer to God. Source.
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