Law of attraction and Consciousness

Law Of Attraction And Consciousness
[Created from Proteus Michael Kemo channeling seminar]

“Life is an orchestration and is happening in perfect harmony. No matter what you see and do, you can empower yourself, via the law of attraction, to extract the most positive experience for yourself from what you observe.”   

-Proteus Michael Kemo

What is Consciousness? Consciousness is everything. Everything Is.

Consciousness creates reality with intention and the law of attraction.

You are in charge of the energy that your consciousness, this energy, takes.  The energy of consciousness is focused into being by the way of intention and the law of attraction.

Meditation – The state of being aware that we are creating.

Dreaming – Creating without the perceived limitation that’s experienced in physical reality.

Auras – Everyone experiences feeling of auras. Even if you cannot “see” Auras, their frequency can be felt.

Every person has a dominant Aura colour. There are bands of colours within 6 feet of the body.  1 or 2 colours closest to the body is what predominately identifies a person.

The outer aura bands change all the time, according to emotions, observations, thoughts and actions.

Everything is energy. Everything has an aura.

Quantum Physics teaches us that the MIND is Non-Local.  That means that you can do anything.  As the great t businessman, Napoleon Hill, the author of Think And Grow Rich, “What the mind can conceive it can achieve”

This heightened State Of Consciousness, with the aid of Quantum Physics shows us that there is no such thing as ‘time’, as it’s understood to exist. In Quantum reality – All exists at once, but on different levels of vibration.

“Other” lives (Past,Future) are all happening simultaneously.  It’s like a radio tuning dial. There are other programs all going on at the same time, but on different frequencies.

We must simply tune in to the desired frequency of reality we wish to experience. This is how you can alter the future.

Another similar analogy to the law of attraction and consciousness is the TV analogy. If you want to watch a specific Television show, you change the frequency of the channel that you want to see. Whatever you want to see is reflected back to you.

Law of attraction and consciousness tells us this: If you are on a positive frequency of consciousness, you will get back a positive reflection.

These are parallel Universe with many options. It’s Free Will that decides where a person is “headed for”. All is fluid, and all is changeable.

Beliefs = What one thinks is reality.

Intention combined with the law of attraction and consciousness is a huge factor to what you create. Intention opens you up to the innate Quantum Powers that lies dormant within. A story of using intent comes to mind:

Some time ago, I went to Atlantic City. I’m not a big gambler, but I do enjoy the game of BlackJack. It gives me great joy.  I played the game with great concentration. I began ‘calling up cards’, telepathically – focusing on what I wished to see.  I proceeded to get six 21’s in a row.  I kid you not.

The combinations were as follows:







Some would allow the left side of the brain – the Ego to come in and say, well ‘that was luck’.  The way I see it is that it’s all about ENERGY.

It’s all about FREQUENCY.

I was moving the energy with the high vibrational frequency of joy.

Joy and appreciation are the closest frequencies to God/Source/All That Is.

Our Energy affects people, weather – everything!

…And so it is.


About Proteus Michael Kemo

Spiritual Ninja Kemo (Proteus Michael Kemo) was born with the gift of seeing. Ever since the young age of 4, Michael Kemo recognized his ability to perceive energies from other dimensions that share our world of time and space here on Earth. It is the intent of Michael Kemo to empower others in the discovery of their own unique gifts and talents. This is being done by sharing teachings on one of the most powerful truths of the universe, the law of attraction. The Holy Bible, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, covers the law of attraction and other aspects of reality reality that can bring all of humanity closer together. It is through teachings like this that brings us all closer to God. Source.
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