Sananda ~ Hold the Light and Go Forth ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ November 21, 2012

Jesus Christ (Sananda) speaks wisdom, through Fran Zepeda.



Hello, my dear Beings of Light, holders of Truth. This day marks one of many that herald a new era. You have entered a place of peace in your hearts and it is reflected outward for many to see and feel in a palpable way. Abide by your deep desire for Peace and it shall be so.

You are forging a new life on Earth, dear ones, and no one can tell you differently. Take stock of your progress, for it is immense. Your dreams and meditations have expanded the capacity of your world to hold more Light and to hold more Love and you are sparkling like jewels and glistening like new growth of vegetation after a cleansing rainfall.

The time is nigh for you to dream bigger and go deeper in your meditations to enjoy the New Earth that is enfolding Now. Yes, dear ones, Now. For…

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“Time is only a marker”

Angelic Guides

Today we would like to focus your attention on the illusion of time in your reality.  Many of you have lived your whole lives allowing “time” to dictate your every day.  But know that time is manmade, it isn’t “real” it is an illusion.  Many of you are experiencing time warps as the illusion continues to dissolve.  You will notice that there are times where you experience a rapid passing of” time”; you often wonder where all the “time went”.  There are other times where it may feel as though “time” has literally stopped.  This will continue to be more evident as you continue to increase your vibrations.

It is a common belief that you only have so much time in a day, or that you are allotted only so much time on Earth, or that all good things come to those who wait.  You entire lives revolve around the…

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Parallel Realities

Angelic Guides

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of parallel realities and the impact they have on your reality.  It may be a shock to some of you to learn that there are parallel realities; however there are some of you who are on some level already aware that they exist.  What we would like to touch upon today is how you can use them to your benefit.  This topic is a very large one and we will be just scratching the surface of the many realities that exist right alongside of you at any given moment.

Firstly, know that there are an infinite number of parallel realities being played out concurrently alongside your own reality.  Because you live in a world that is based on a preconceived belief of linear action, you also were taught to believe that you are on just one solid timeline your…

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“Adventures of the dream state”

Excellent article on the non-physical

Angelic Guides

Today we would like to focus your attention on the “dream state”.   In some ways this topic is connected to our most previous message about parallel realities.  The topic of the dream state is yet another very large one which has many facets to it but we would like to help you to understand a bit more about what you do in the dream state and how you can use it to your advantage.  Many of you are taught to believe that when you sleep you are in a sense not “doing” anything; that your dreams are not “real”, and that you cannot achieve anything while you sleep.  It is our intention to shed some light on what it is you truly “do” and what you are really able to achieve while you are in the dream state.

It is when your body goes into REM sleep that you truly…

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Money and the Law Of Attraction

If you don’t like  me, Proteus Michael Kemo, will give you back your money!

Money And The Law Of Attraction by Ester Hicks is an amazing book, by an amazing person (or an amazing collective). This book changed my life. Period.  It’s opened my eyes to a rich, vibrant new world and taught me how to create a productive, loving, abundant and fulfilling life. Continue reading

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The Higher Self And The Genesis Keys

Spirit is happiest outside of time and space.  Jesus Christ remained ‘in-spirit’ at all times and brought this awareness into physical reality.

There is no “before” and “after” outside of the 3-D Dimension (Physical Reality)

As time progresses, the light of the Earth is getting brighter, whilst the dark is getting darker. Continue reading

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David Icke On The Law Of Attraction

David Icke speaks about the most powerful law in the Universe, The Law Of Attraction. Icke has been known for his controversial views on a number of topics. Wheather or not one chooses to believe in any of them is up to the personal discernment of each person. However, one universal truth that he explains so eloquently is here, in this viceo. It’s David Icke on the Law Of Attraction. Continue reading

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