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I WILL absolutely help you get what you want.


Get guidance from Spiritual Ninja PROTEUS for one week via email (phone sessions coming soon)

It is my pleasure to be of service to you in the following ways:

Release Energetic Blocks 

Aid in communication with Guides, Angels, Celestial Friends and Teachers.

Improve Your life In Health, Wealth, Work/Job, Business, Finance, Travel, Education, Family and More.

Soul Readings  Proteus channels your soul, spirit guides, celestial friends and our own interplanetary guides for your divine guidance. In the process you shall become more aligned with the essence of your authentic self. You will also be able to communicate directly with your soul self, asking the questions that only your soul could answer for you. Enjoy rapid back-and-forth interactive email correspondence with Proteus for 1 week. Unlimited questions permitted!

 Dream InterpretationsProteus delivers complete dream interpretations and help you understand the messages that your dreams are trying to send you. I have discovered the gift of understanding dreams from a very young age and have seen the miraculous results of what following one’s dreams, literally, can yield. It is in this way and through this medium that I am proud to be of service to you. There is no dream too difficult. I understand the language of Spirit. Not only will I interpret your dream for you, but I will also help YOU begin to interpret your own dreams! Help me help you accomplish your dreams!  Enjoy rapid back-and-forth interactive email correspondence with Proteus for 1 week. Unlimited questions permitted!

Astrology and Numerlogy Reading –  Receive a detailed astrology and numerology reading. Blessed with the gift of psychic insight from a young age, I will read your chart (natal, transits etc) and give you the guidance you need. For guidance with all aspects of life, the combination of Astrology and Numerology has been known to illuminate lives since the beginning of time. Learn how to use the energy of the planets and your personal numbers in your favor!  Enjoy rapid back-and-forth interactive email correspondence with Proteus for 1 week. Unlimited questions permitted!

Open yourself to Spiritual Guidance

Experience the joy of the life you came to Earth to experience.

Proteus can be reached at 

Phone Sessions coming soon

All Sessions: $77 (each)

Set of 3 Sessions – $200 (all three simultaneously) 

Sessions done in a set of 3 gives you complete guidance and utilizes the full communication between you, your higher self and all teachers and guides. This the best way to heal your energy and proceed toward your highest path. 3 sessions is amazing support.

Remote Healing – $45  Receive a remote healing without the week-long support.

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One Response to Proteus SESSIONS

  1. Trent Baretta says:

    Thank you so much Proteus! Our SESSIONS readings were great. You offer great advice. The astrological reading was great, the numerology was great, but I really got the most from your Soul Readings. Please let me know when you get up the TESTIMONIALS part of your site…I want to write a nice full one for you.

    Your love has been felt through my heart – you truly touched it!

    In the meantime, I’m going to email you for another week long SESSIONS reading. Thank you!

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